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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 256 GB fell in price again. Black Friday in MTS

Following the cheaper Samsung Galaxy A01 in the stores of DNS, Eldorado, Beeline and all the others, the more advanced Samsung Galaxy A50 also fellin price . The latter is inferior in everything to the already mentioned Samsung Galaxy A01.But so why would customers still prefer the Samsung Galaxy A50 over competitors like the Honor 9S or Xiaomi Redmi Note 9?Price of a new oneSamsung galaxy A50 has an average of 77 thousand$ for various Resellers, and in official stores – 85-95 thousand. However, on the siteCitylink on your smartphone now has an additional discount when buying online (You can see this in the widget below by selecting the store and clicking"View"). Is it expensive for a smartphone based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor? Of course not, because this is Samsung, which this year became the most popular brand in our country among smartphones, ahead of even Honor and Xiaomi.All prices for Samsung Galaxy A50 256 GB, including Citylink:Samsung Galaxy A50 Specifications:The smartphone's operating system is Android 10 with the ability to update.The diagonal size of the display is 6.4 inches.The most important thing is the 5000 mAh Battery. With moderate usage, the phone will work for more than 4 days. And if you use it for making calls and viewing the weather, you can easily extend it for 6-7 days.The combination of a powerful 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor and a graphics card. the Adreno 506 accelerator is eloquent.There's a great main door at the back 48+8+5 MP camera.The case of the device, which has a thickness of 9.2 mm, weighs only 202 g.There's a fingerprint scanner, face scanner, double USB Type-C, audio Jack – Mini Jack 3.5 mm.Today, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the best choice if you need a smartphone with a good battery at an adequate price. The battery is more durable than the Honor 9S. The camera shoots great, at least better than my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. There are more details. Any games go with a Bang, including PUBG. The phone has everything you need in our time. In General, definitely I recommend it. The phone is definitely worth your money money money! 📲